Daytona 24h night training

Night has fallen, but the pilots don’t let their guard down. Training is important and doing it at night has become imperative, because it will be during the night that many duels will be fought.

It is not yet confirmed what the start time will be, but the team already has very hot engines, not least because the speed in LMP2 is extreme.

We captured a training moment from PROTOSIM #1, the pilot’s focus is at its maximum and the team trains the night shift. The speed is mind-blowing, but the driver’s focus is there.

According to Joao Filipe, from PROTOSIM #1 team, the driver aboard the LMP2 Dallara P217, Daytona is a challenging track, with its slippery surface, especially on hot sunny days, and the new sausage curb, at the exit of the Bus Stop, requires special attention.

PROTOSIM #1 will be present at the event, in Daytona, with the aim of finishing in the top 10.