PROTOSIM #1 prepares for the 24h Daytona

This week is the big event of the 24h Daytona. ProtoSIM will debut in competitions of this dimension.

Although we had some preparation, especially because the team was present at the 6h Daytona race, a 24h race requires completely different logistics.

But anyone who thinks that the 24-hour race is a mere replica of its 6-hour daughter is wrong. In a recent patch, it became known that there was an update to the track, something that forced some changes in the riders’ approach to the track.

The Protosim lineup has not yet been confirmed, leaving only the certainty that the main team (PROTOSIM #1) will be on track. News about the lineup will be revealed soon.

According to Pedro Bragança, one of the #1 PROTOSIM drivers, the team’s main objective is to reach the top 10. It would be a great achievement.