ProtoSIM at Daytona 6h

Daytona 6h to test the team’s stamina and performance, mainly by meeting a new element. The first to enter the scene was Pedro Bragança, who saw the qualifying times being withdrawn.

The team had to start from the last positions, starting from the 37th position, in a universe of 45 LMP2 cars. Pedro Bragança started with great focus and recovered many positions in a few laps, he had already advanced 20 places, showing that consistency delivers.

After another stint, João Filipe entered the track. João was printing very fast laps, which helped him to advance further in the leaderboard. After a few more Stints, Ivo Gonçalves debuted.

Ivo already showed some maturity and managed to continue the regularity of the other pilots during the race, being later replaced by João Filipe. In turn, João Filipe showed his claws for the final tip and went on the attack, having experienced moments of some anxiety in the final laps, when João was approaching the car in front.

The team thus ended the first test with the objectives overcome. It was intended to finish the race and, if possible, be in the top 10. This closed an important chapter in the preparation for the great race of the 24h Daytona.