Protosim Esports flew to 1st place at Watkins Glen

The team was present and entered at full power at the weekend in the LMP2 category, with races in the 3 days of competition. The race counted for the IMSA Endurance Series.

On the first day, the PROTOSIM#2 machine, came on the scene with Diogo Teodoro and Francisco Cardoso, who pulled out the 11th place in the inaugural race. On the same day, the PROTOSIM#3 team with Cristiano Rocha and Rui Fonseca also entered the track, with the pair reaching 2nd place.

It was the next day, the 2nd of April, that PROTOSIM#2 returned with Diogo Teodoro and Cristiano Rocha. The team ended the race in 16th place.

On Sunday, April 3rd, both machines returned to the track, the PROTOSIM#2 with the duo Ivo Gonçalves and Pedro Bragança and the PROTOSIM#3 with Cristiano Rocha and Rui Fonseca.

PROTOSIM#2 reached the 11th position, while PROTOSIM#3 flew to victory with an impeccable performance.

The team has shown the evolution it takes and is preparing for new battles.