Strong weekend for PROTOSIM#2 hands 3rd and 9th places in Sebring

PROTOSIM entered Sebring in full strength, on a track with an unstable surface and with high technical demands.

In the first race, PROTOSIM#2 entered the scene, with the first team, on the night of Friday, March 25th.

The first to get inside the machine was João Filipe, with a very solid start, João took 2nd place. On lap 8, the Protosim car was pushed out and the team dropped to 44th position. João then started recovery to get into the Top 10, an almost impossible task.

During the night, José Godinho continued his recovery, having received the car in 26th place. He later returned it to João in 14th position.

At 4 am, Francisco Cardoso entered, receiving the LMP2 in 13th position. Continuing the recovery, he managed to deliver the car to Rui Fonseca in the 9th position.

When leaving the pits, Rui Fonseca was11th. Due to his performance during the race, he managed to climb back to ninth place, a spot he held until the end.

It was a tough race, but despite the incidents, the team ended up in the ninth position, proving that dedication and persistence are fundamental characteristics in endurance races.

It was on Saturday, March 26th, that PROTOSIM #2 returned to the track, albeit with another team.

Qualifying, as well as the first stints, were in charge of Cristiano Rocha who, with two cannon laps, secured pole position for PROTOSIM #2. The race started at a great pace and Cristiano dug a ditch for the remaining cars.

However, Ricardo Varão entered, receiving the car in the second position. Varão set a great pace and with irreproachable regularity. He retained the second position, having passed in the last few laps of the stint for the first position. He delivered the LMP2 to Ivo in the 2nd position.

Ivo Gonçalves entered with great calm and was determined to hold the position he was given. With a very regular rhythm, Ivo made the move to Diogo without changing positions.

In his turn, Diogo Teodoro, debuted in the team with great maturity. Delivered the car, after hard fights, in the second position.

Pedro Bragança solidified his pace with the regularity to which we are used to, having helped the team to guarantee the podium.

It should be noted that the team was in great shape this weekend and also to mention the excellent performance of the new riders of the team.

Team’s lineup for the first Race:





Team’s lineup for the second Race:

Team’s lineup: